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Into the Night
Each night, as I lay in my bed,
Your voice does speak inside my head.
It tells me, "Wait ... don't push ... don't shove.
Just give it time to turn to love."
And suddenly your face appears ...
Your voice still ringing in my ears ...
The smile it wears is sweet and warm,
So filled with gallant, manly charm.
I slip into a peaceful sleep,
Knowing I have promises to keep.
The night rolls by so quickly, then,
And morning comes too soon, again.
And when I open up my eyes,
And see the early morning skies,
I realize it was all a dream,
And not as real as it did seem.
I rush through the day and into the night,
So I can take my nightly flight,
So I can see your face and hear your voice,
And for another night rejoice!

Written in April 1998 — ©2000

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