"Your Love"

Poems - 1989
Searching Your Love
Sometimes life's rain falls heavy;
Sometimes it's only light.
Sometimes there's lots of sunshine;
Other times it's dark as night.

But if you have somebody
Who shares these times with you,
Inside your heart and in your soul
The skies are always blue!

In my life, now, I am searching
For that special one.
Right now the water's murky,
And my life feels so undone.

But I will keep on looking,
And praying for the day
When that special someone
Does steal my heart away!

May 8, 1989

Give me your love,
Or just let me go!
I give you my all
For I love you so!

Give me your heart
And you take mine too ...
I'm already yours;
My love's just for you!

Stop holding me back
From giving my all.
I'm here just for you,
At your beck and call.

Just say the word,
I'll be there at your side
Just give me your love ...
Stop trying to hide!

May 14, 1989
Written for "Woody"